Bringing great coffee to South Brooklyn

Locally roasted × Brewed with love


At Marine Park Coffee, we believe in the power of coffee to bring people together.


Marine Park Coffee opened in the fall of 2017 in an effort to bring high-quality coffee to South Brooklyn. We think that coffee lovers of all kinds deserve easy access to the best drinks, no matter your location. We strive to use and sell locally made products, and aim to cater to all of our neighbors — from those that brew at home to the macchiato aficionado.

So there you have it. No pretense, just great coffee.

Currently we do not accept orders via phone or e-mail, however if you would like to place an order for boxed coffee for a future date, please call and leave a detailed message, or e-mail us the details and we will respond as soon as possible. Thanks!



(347) 857-8499
Please note that we may not be able to answer if the shop is busy, but please leave a voicemail & we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.



3602-B Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY 11234

3411 Ave. S
Brooklyn, NY 11234



M-F 6:30am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4pm



M-F 6:30am-4pm
Sat-Sun 8am-4pm

Closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas


3602-B Quentin Road
Brooklyn, NY 11234


3411 Ave. S
Brooklyn, NY 1123



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